Causes of Joint Pain in Pets

Causes of Joint Pain and Arthritis in our Pets

Arthritis is a pain to the joints which is caused by the wearing away of cartilages that serve as protection for bones in human or animal body.

In a short and precise definition, arthritis is the inflammation of the joint that leads to pain and destruction of cartilages.

In animal body, cartilages are produced on regular basis; just as it also worn out in due time. Normally, new cartilage must be produced in the body to replace old ones to avoid any pain.

Should old cartilage worn out before being replaced by new one, joints will be without guard, therefore, causing it to swell up with severe pain.

What are the symptoms and causes of Arthritis and how to prevent it?

This is our main focus in today's post, but we shall be limiting our discussion to three pets — Dog , Horse and Cats.

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Arthritis in Dogs


* Movement's reduction

This is the first symptoms of arthritis in any dog. You will notice that your dog — that always run and jump after you — suddenly restricted its movement. It neither jump nor show willingness to do so.

* Dog gives a flinching sound if affected joint is touched

Your dog will definitely give a flinch sound or yelp sound, whenever your hand touches the affected joint or spot. This is because it can't withstand the pain it suffers whenever you make contact with the injured spot.

You should be very attentive to any unusual noise that your comes from your dog, as this will help you discover the problem as soon as possible.

Note that other arthritis' symptoms are not easily detected by naked eyes, you need to involve your veterinarian for proper diagnosis .


* Old age

The first and major cause of arthritis in dog is as result of old age. The older your dog, the lesser the production of cartilage, and I'm afraid there is nothing you can do about it unless a surgeon is involved.

* Breed

As much as this isn't a vital cause of arthritis in dog, it is equally one of the reasons why your dog suffer from arthritis too often.

It is believed that some breeds of dog — such as Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers, German shepherds and Rottweilers — are liable to encounter frequent joint pain than other breeds.

* Accident

This is another cause of arthritis to dogs. A dog is prone to suffer a joint pain if it's engaged in any kind of fatal accidents.

If not properly treated, your dog's bone and cartilage could experience relapse on their recovery process.

Other causes of arthritis include:

* Overweight

* Infections

* Hereditary.


Arthritis are incurable in most cases, this is why it is important to prevent it from happening, rather than seeking for remedy.

Nonetheless, the best way to treat your dog's arthritis problem is:

* Provide regular balance diet

* Ensure regular consultation with the your vet doctor.

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Arthritis in Horse


* Lameness

Horses are meant to run, jump and do some active exercises. A horse suffering from Arthritis will remain stagnant at one position and unwilling to perform any activity.

* Uneasiness

Your horse will feel uneasy and uncomfortable as result of the joint pain. Heat at affected area : As said earlier, arthritis is an inflammation of the joint, so, it is likely the affected joints produces a heat.


* Stress

As we know that horse are used for diverse physical-demanding purposes such as Sporting activities, and carrying of load from one area to another.

The more you make your horse underdog too many stressful activities, the more its cartilages get damaged.

Other causes include:

* Infections

* Accident


Just as we have in dogs, so it is to horses. This means that arthritis are incurable but can be managed.

You can manage/treat arthritis by doing the following step:

* Give your horse firocoxib (an NSAID) and diclofenac sodium as prescribed by your vet doctor

* consult your veterinarian as early as possible, whenever you detect an arthritis symptom

* Reduce its stressful activities

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Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Arthritis in Cat

Everything you need to know about Arthritis in Cat is the same with Dog. If your cat is suffering from arthritis problem, just take a look at the way to handle arthritis in dog and apply it to your cat.

Note that it is inadvisable to engage in self medication for any of your pet, you must consult your veterinarian for more advice and drug prescription.

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